Grey's Anatomy Season 14, Episode 19 Recap: "Beautiful Dreamer"

ICE coming for Bello (Jeanine Mason) is going to break my heart. She is worried they will force her to return to El Salvador, and her panicked reaction caused headlines of ICE conducting raids at churches and school drop-offs racing through my mind. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) covers for her, telling the ICE officer that she's in surgery. So look, I know that in reality Mason was cast in the Roswell reboot and this storyline is going to end with me in tears. I'm not even invested in her romance with DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) who, to his credit, proposes, but I'm already covering my eyes and cringing about where this is going.
The gang all comes together to try and help Bello, with Wilson (Camilla Luddington) offering to get her a death certificate, and DeLuca accusing his sister of calling them. Bailey convinces the ICE agent he's got an irregular pulse and needs to be checked out, which starts off as kind of a stall tactic. It turns out, he has a massive coronary blockage and has to go into surgery immediately. Before he does, she convinces him to tell her why ICE want Bello. She ran a red light. This is Trump's America on Grey's Anatomy. On the table, while Maggie clears his veins, he makes a speech about not liking his job and not knowing what they're doing anymore now that they're taking kids and doctors. He's right: this isn't sending back people who aren't the best. It is racism.
Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) sets Bello up with a fellowship in Zurich working with Christina Yang (Sandra Oh). It's a brilliant solution, but it's also the kind of answer that is only available to a particular class of person (oh and it leaves the door open for Bello to come back if Roswell doesn't work out). She does have to leave DeLuca behind.
Karev (Justin Chambers) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) are still trying to find a way to make their magic brain magnet work on Kimmie's inoperable tumor. However, the one doctor they need to work with them has an NDA over some research drama with Jackson's (Jesse Williams) grandpa, or so Catherine (Debbie Allen) says. While they're all on Skype trying to sort it out, Kimmie and her grandmother check out of the hospital so Kimmie can go stand on Broadway and sing before the tumor kills her. Please let this end with a showdown between Karev and Catherine. Okay, that's just wishful thinking. But this incident has clarified for Wilson that she wants to have kids with Karev, and take his last name. So, I guess I'll start calling her Jo!
Something is wrong with the NDA though, based on Catherine's reaction to Jackson telling her that he directed their lawyers to waive it. I sense some #MeToo coming to the hospital. Not to mention her telling Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) that they're ruined now. Waiting for this bomb to drop like:
Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) is working on Ruby, the baby who died on Kepner's watch and kicked off the Personal Jesus drama. He can't bear to look at Arizona, so she puts Hunt (Kevin McKidd) on the case and takes off for another birth, promptly freaking the fuck out over whether or not the mother might die due to complications. On the plus side, she and Glasses (Jake Borelli) develop a cart to address all the things that might go wrong. On the minus side, Lady DeLuca (Stefania Spampinato) is right: she has those motherhood mortality stats on the brain. Hunt finds the baby has an issue that can be simply fixed with a brief surgery and just as he tells Arizona, another mom in labor goes into crisis. Get the cart! This whole thing ends with Arizona and Lady DeLuca kissing, so does this mean that my theory that they're moving to Europe to continue their study wrong?
Wait, Hunt wants to adopt a kid? This guy is making my head spin. Go to therapy first.
Ollie (Mary Kay Place) takes her last labored breath with Webber at her bedside. I guess we'll se if he falls off the wagon next week.
Maggie and Jackson have their first fight before they have sex. I was over it already, but dammit! His speech! He sees her, and she knows he sees her and dammit! Fine, I'm into this. Bring it on. And finally have sex.

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