Stranger Things Is Coming To Life In The Most Unreal Way

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Have you ever wanted to live in the Upside Down? Of course you haven't — that sounds absolutely terrible. But if you've ever been morbidly curious about venturing through Hawkins and its bizarre, Barb-killing parallel universe, this Stranger Things news should thrill you. According to Entertainment Weekly, Stranger Things is coming to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in a very big way.
For the uninitiated, Halloween Horror Nights is a not-for-the-faint-of-heart, multi-night event hosted at Universal Studios theme parks around the globe. While the entire amusement park is set up to terrify its guests, the nights feature multiple "mazes" — most of which are themed after popular pop culture phenomenons. Films like SAW, The Purge, Crimson Peak and The Shining have all received their own walk-through attractions, and now, Stranger Things will get the same treatment.
Just in time for Halloween 2018, the world of Stranger Things will come to Universal Studios in Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore. Each park will have a maze that features the many iconic settings from the Netflix series. Per a press release from Universal, the new maze will feature "the menacing Hawkins National Laboratory under the U.S. Department of Energy" as well as the Byers' home (complete with those iconic alphabet Christmas lights) and, of course, the Upside Down.
One thing that likely won't make its way into the three mazes? Any reference to the telekinetic friends that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) makes in the controversial Hawkins-free episode of the second season. That's because these mazes will be based primarily off the show's first season.
The official Youtube channel for Halloween Horror Nights released a teasy promo for their next big maze — one that shows a very '80s bicycle laying on the ground in the middle of Universal Studios.
Think you can brace the Upside Down? Bring the bravest members of your squad and find out.

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