You Can Now Live Your Own Saw Experience…In Case You Wanted That

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Eagerly awaiting the release of the new Saw movie? Horror fans can now experience it in the flesh. According to the official website, Saw will have its own maze at Halloween Horror Nights this year.
During Halloweentime, Universal Studios theme parks convert their family-friendly parks to an all-out horror show unleashed after dark, complete with "scare zones," creepy characters, and a slew of haunted house mazes. The purpose? To terrify...and also promote some particularly scary properties. In anticipation of Jigsaw, the long-awaited eighth installment of the Saw franchise, Universal will celebrate the gorefest by bringing back a haunted house themed specifically for the movies.
I guess the real question is...would you like to play a game? Because that's exactly what you'll be doing in the new attraction. According to the event's official website, the maze, titled SAW: The Games of Jigsaw, will "test your physical and psychological limits as you come face-to-face with mastermind Jigsaw and his collection of infamous traps from the entire SAW film series." Basically, you're going to be living as one of the victims of Jigsaw's traps — but, hopefully, you'll be more fortunate than most and survive the excursion.
This isn't the first time that Saw made its way to Halloween Horror Nights. It joined the mazes at Universal Studios' Orlando and Hollywood theme park in 2009, and was reportedly one of the most popular attractions. A different iteration of a Saw maze returned to the Hollywood theme park in 2010. This year, both coasts will be getting the maze.
As for the upcoming movie Jigsaw, co-director Michael Spierig told Entertainment Weekly that fans will experience one hell of a bloodbath. But, you know, a really fun one.
"We’ve got some pretty wild traps in the film — we don’t shy away from the gore," Spierig explained to the outlet. "It’s such a perfect Halloween scarefest. It’s perhaps not quite as vicious and more fun, which is something we tried to inject into it. But it’s still full of good fun gore, that’s for sure."
My suggestion? If you can't stomach the movie, you may want to bail on the maze.

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