Lorelai Gilmore Could Be Heading To 9-1-1

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It looks like Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham could be reuniting with her real-life partner and former Parenthood brother Peter Krause. According to Ryan Murphy's interview with TVLine, Graham may be placing an emergency phone call on Murphy's new Fox procedural, 9-1-1.
How did the idea for Graham's possible casting come up? At a very fancy Hollywood dinner, of course. Murphy told TVLine that the actress, who revived her Gilmore gal role for a season on Netflix in 2016, could play a victim rescued by her real-life boyfriend.
"[The idea] came up in a funny way," Murphy told the outlet. "We had a dinner at the Chateau Marmont a couple of weeks ago celebrating the success of the show, and Lauren came with Peter. I’ve always loved her work. And we made a couple of jokes about her coming on as a patient in a very bizarre 9-1-1 call and she laughed about it. She seemed open to the possibility."
As excited as I would be for Graham to dive into one of the many insane circumstances that 9-1-1 places its guest stars in (season 1 alone depicted an airbound bouncy castle, caved-in dance floor, and its poster-perfect upside down roller coaster car) Graham merely appearing in one episode isn't exactly satisfactory. Instead, can someone please give Graham the offer to replace Connie Britton, who is leaving the show prior to season 2? While Lorelai may not be the best phone operator, Graham has quite the soothing voice when she's not portraying the fast-talking inn owner.
While it would be amazing for Graham and Krause to play love interests on the series (instead of, err, siblings) it seems like 9-1-1 is teeing up a relationship between Krause's Bobby and Angela Bassett's Athena. Through a cute new phone operator in the mix — played by Graham, obviously — and you'll have a love triangle that will keep me just as hooked as all the life-or-death scenarios.
Someone call Graham's agent, stat.

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