Please Stop Asking Lena Dunham If She Bit Beyoncé

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While the Beyhive is fervently fighting to solve the mystery of who bit Beyoncé, they can officially cross Lena Dunham off their list. The actress spoke out on Twitter earlier this week saying that "as the patron saint of 'she would do that'" she did not bite Beyoncé's face at a party.
Case closed, right? Wrong. Apparently, Dunham's initial denial of the incident did not suffice. It may have satiated the internet, but paparazzi still believed there was more to the story. Once again using Twitter to clear the air, the actress explained a second time that she did not lay a hand — or a tooth — on the pop icon. "I basically only leave home for work and ginger ale," she tweeted as her top alibi. Though, her mom seems skeptical.
This morning, Dunham revisited the topic in another tweet, describing having to deny biting Beyoncé as "its own special hell/not the reality I was hoping to inhabit." Celebrities biting other celebrities is definitely not something we thought we would be talking about – yet here we are.
While Dunham may no longer be on the list of possible suspects, Beyoncé fans have other theories as to who Tiffany Haddish was referring to when she first told the story in an interview with GQ. Our love of true crime has likely gone to our heads, with fans on Twitter convinced they can crack the case. Currently, other Twitter suspects include Jennifer Lawrence, Queen Latifah, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sanaa Lathan, who is at the top of the list, though she recently denied the accusation. While we all speculate, Chrissy Teigen definitely knows.
We will likely never know who bit Beyoncé. Haddish as well as representatives for Beyoncé have either refused to give a name or denied knowledge of the incident. All we know is that the biter was an A-list actress. This has quickly turned into American Crime Story: Who Bit Beyoncé. From the sounds of it, the internet will not rest until they figure out who did it. At least now they can cross another name off their list.
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