Taylor Swift's "Delicate" Redo Is Very Telling

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Taylor Swift announced on Thursday that she'd be releasing a new, never-before-seen music video for "Delicate" at midnight EST on Spotify.
The singer shared the news with her 85.6 million fans on Twitter in a video.
"Hey, guys, I'm at rehearsals for the Reputation Stadium Tour, and I just wanted to let you know that there's a brand-new video for 'Delicate' coming out only on Spotify tonight, so check it out."
Swift, who sported a "Rep" long-sleeve shirt and a perfectly disheveled ponytail, ended the announcement by blowing viewers a kiss. The news sat well with many commenters, who wrote things like, "Delicate is getting the promo it deserves," and "YAS I knew you'd give us what those beautiful lyrics deserve."
A rep from Spotify told Refinery29 in an email that unlike the original, strictly choreographed music video, Swift's new version was "filmed in one take" and promises to show the song in "an entirely different way."
And, judging from the first-look photo Just Jared obtained from the video, things definitely seem more laid back. For starters, she's not wearing a mini dress and dancing in the rain. Instead, she sports a tan jacket and loose curls with natural-looking makeup.
As exciting as the new drop may be, it's let some fans, including us, wondering what's behind the surprise release.
"What's this gonna show?" one fan questioned on Twitter. "The media's perspective on the last video? Joe [Alwyn's] perspective? Is it gonna be related to the actual lyrics, about falling in love? Is it? Is it? Is it?"
Another wondered if the video may feature an acoustic version of the hit song.
These are all appealing options, but they don't really answer WHY she's releasing a second version. Could it be — and hear us out on this one because it's just a theory — that the reshoot is in response to allegations that she ripped off a Kenzo ad? If you hadn't heard this before, fans accused Swift of copying the (honestly bizarre) video produced by actor/producer Spike Jonze, saying that there were too many similarities — from the black-tie event to the outdoor dance sequence — for things to be coincidental, BBC News reports.
Despite the allegations, Kenzo has yet to come forward with any statement of its own.
If it's not because of Kenzo, could it be that Swift is trying to throw a bone to Spotify after famously refusing to put her music on the streaming service for three whole years? It's possible she's regretting the move and is feeling guilty for making all of those Apple commercials (you know, like the one in which she completely ate it on the treadmill).
Personally, I'm hoping Swift has completely different intentions altogether, and instead uses the video to call out her haters (read: Kanye West) because who amongst us couldn't use a little more celebrity drama?

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