Charli XCX As Ed Sheeran Will Give You Nightmares

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One of my favorite parts of Paramount Network's Lip Sync Battle is when competitors perform in character as another celebrity. At least, that's what I thought was my favorite part. Then I saw Charli XCX perform Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" as the redheaded singer, and suddenly, I wanted the show to put a ban on the practice all together.
Most people would agree that Sheeran is an adorable man with a lovely head of hair. Most would also agree, then, that the wig that Charli XCX wore to impersonate him should be tossed in a fire. Did someone coat this wig in Flamin' Hot Cheeto dust? And can Sheeran sue for such a gross misrepresentation of character? Because honestly, Charli XCX looks more like she's dressing up as Chucky from Child's Play than she does Taylor Swift's best friend.
On Tuesday, the "Boom Boom Clap" singer shared a photo of herself as Sheeran on Twitter.
"Me as Sheeran, I'll explain later," she wrote on the social media platform.
Per the Twitter responses, not every fan was here for it:
"i’ve done nothing but love u and this is the thanks i get," one tweeted.
"well she's canceled," another joked.
A third summed up all my feelings about the pic:
"this is cursed content."
One weird thing about this particular Lip Sync Battle costuming disaster? Charli XCX isn't even competing with Sheeran. Instead, she will be going up against Fifty Shades Freed actress Rita Ora when the episode airs on Thursday.
Fortunately, Charli's "Shape of You" dance moves and lip-sync skills are hardly as tragic as that wig. Check out the video sneak peak of the performance below.
Will Ora be able to out lip sync the "Break the Rules" songstress, or will Charli-as-Sheeran terrify Ora so much she no longer wishes to compete? Tune in Thursday to find out.

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