Anna Kendrick & John Krasinski Battle For Lip Sync Glory On This New Reality Show

There's no denying that the celebrity lip sync battles are one of the best recurring segments on The Tonight Show. Emma Stone did her thing to DJ Khaled. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Stephen Merchant went toe to toe with "Single Ladies" and "Super Bass," and the Internet is still talking about it. Something about John Krasinski's battle really stuck with him, because he's teamed up with Jimmy Fallon for an entire show that's just lip sync battles. It's called — wait for it — Lip Sync Battle, and it premieres April 2 on Spike TV.  The show is hosted by LL Cool J, and Chrissy Teigen is the resident color commentator. While the concept can feel a little wan (an entire show of people fake singing?), the celebrities in the trailer are SELLING the numbers. Anna Kendrick brings Jennifer Lopez into her routine. John Krasinski strips down to a silver-spangled dress and goes full Tina Turner for "Proud Mary." Jimmy Fallon has a whole gospel choir backing him up. Stephen Merchant transforms into Xtina mode. Even The Rock is there, proving why he should be lip syncing rather than real singing.  Watch the preview for Lip Sync Battle below. Related: How do we get invited to a party at John Krasinski's house?

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