Chrissy Teigen Dishes On Her Cry Face, Extensions, & Housewives Tagline

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You know those celebrities you're secretly friends with in your head? Well, Chrissy Teigen has always been that person for us. She's, hands-down, our favorite person to follow on Twitter, and her Instagram posts are so unapologetically real and uncensored — what other celebrity would post a video of themselves pouring milk all over their body to get rid of jalapeño burns? We rest our case.  And, after our one-on-one with her last week, we're proud to report that the Sports Illustrated model — and self-declared Refinery29 fan — is just as hilarious (and gorgeous!) IRL as she is via social media. As if we weren't obsessed with her already, she's given us even more reasons to crush. Scroll through to read our chat with Chrissy, as she dishes on her partnership with the foot-care brand Amopé, her skin-care routine, and what her Real Housewives tagline would be (it's damn good). 

Why was this partnership with Amopé so important to you?
“Doing things like Sports Illustrated and being on the beach
and frolicking around all the time, I get offered a lot of beauty products — whether it’s lotions or skin-care stuff — and I turn, honestly, 99% of them down.
Skin care, I’m crazy about, and when I love something I really, really love it.
So, when they sent me the product, and I used it that first night, I knew it was for me. I get crazy pedicures, I enjoy being able to feel sexy and
smooth, and I don’t care about talking about that kind of stuff. So, it was a
perfect partnership. I think it’s important to be really confident when
you’re putting yourself out there in very little clothing. You want to look as good as
possible, so it’s nice to be with a brand that appreciates that.”    

You recently dyed your hair dark and then light again — why did you decide to go darker in the first place?
“I went darker for a job. They needed a kind of Sin City,
Quentin Tarantino vixen kind of vibe, and I had blonde hair. I was actually
the one who suggested it... So, we hit up Sally’s [Beauty Supply store] in Mexico, and
we just did it on a whim. My problem is, 90% of my hair is very fake, so I
didn’t realize the toll it would take on all of it. So, getting it back to
[blonde] wasn’t the easiest. It took 25 hours, total, over a three-day period."

Are you going to stick with the color you have now for awhile?
"I love it, yeah. I didn’t want to be the dork that’s like, ‘I want ombré.’
So, I went to my colorist, 'I don’t want to say ombré, but...' and he’s like, 'Okay.'"

I feel like you’re one of the few celebrities who’s very out
in the open about wearing extensions. Why do you think weave-wearers get such a
bad rep?

Everybody has them. When I first got them, I had no idea
how many people had them on the red carpet. I only, this past year, started
working with this wonderful woman Priscilla in L.A. These are permanent in
my hair [now], but I used to always use clip-ins, and that [was] for like six years or so.
But, I don’t know why people want to pretend that they have this natural, full
hair. I’ve just never cared about it for some reason — I have no idea why people
are so secretive about it. Honestly, I can’t even answer that; it’s just so
silly to me. I take it out at the end of every night, I love to Instagram it [Ed. Note: She's SO serious, too: see here]... It’s like my little buddy.”      

You mentioned earlier that you're crazy about skin care — what’s your routine like?
“It’s funny, because I’m actually crazy about [skin care] when
I’m on an airplane or something. When I travel is when I take the best care of
my skin because I have all the time in the world, and can put on
every cream. But, when I come home after a long day, I’m not great about
keeping everything up — the serums, the lotions, and the potions that I have
— sometimes, I don’t even wash my face. But, I’m nuts about it on an airplane. I
go very hard.

“There are certain products that I stand by [and] absolutely adore. Shani Darden makes this product Retinol Reform, which isn’t
a peel...but it unclogs your pores. Every single time I do
it, the night before, I get compliments the entire next day on my skin. So, it
never fails — as long as I remember to do it. Natura Bissé makes a great moisturizing mask. I love SK-II’s full face masks or just [those for] the undereyes. I’m very dry all the time, so anything that gets me moisture, I’m happy with. I
like having glowing, fresh skin."       

What was your reaction when you found out your cry face had
gone viral?
“I didn’t realize how viral it had gone until I went to
the back and started taking pictures of John [Legend] and Common, when they were doing
their press rounds, and my phone would not stop going off. It takes a
couple of hours for it to actually become a meme. So, the face went viral and
then the memes came, and I just thought they were hysterical. Honestly, I never
once thought it was weird or uncomfortable; I just thought it was hysterical.
It’s funny, because I had NO idea I was making that face. In my head, I was

You’re a big Real Housewives fan. What would your tagline be if
you were ever on the show? 
Oh god, I’d be
lying if I said I haven’t thought about this. It would be [switches tone of voice]: ‘I may be married to John, but I’m a Legend in my own right.'”      

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