Is Fitbit's New Smartwatch Worth The Hype & Your $$$?

Even though it isn't being specifically marketed as a "smartwatch for women," Fitbit's newest smartwatch, Fitbit Versa, has components that appeal to a female-centric audience: When Fitbit announced the device two weeks ago, it emphasized new female health tracking (i.e. period tracking) tools, which it believes will help set it apart from its competitors. Then there's the cost factor: At $200, Versa is much more affordable than its competitors, making it more appealing to a wider audience.
I should preface my review of Fitbit's newest smartwatch, Fitbit Versa, by clarifying that I've never been the target smartwatch consumer. For one, my exercise of choice is rock climbing, a sport that isn't ideal for wearing a watch on your wrist; it's also not as suited for tracking as running or swimming laps. Second, I'm on my computer and iPhone so much that I don't usually feel the need, or desire, to get notifications for incoming texts and calls on my wrist.
Still, these factors aside, I was excited to test Versa to see if it lived up to the early hype. Ahead, a look at where the Fitbit Versa wins, and where it falls short. If you're torn between the Apple Watch Series 3 and Fitbit's latest, consider this your decision-making guide.
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