New Westworld Season 2 Photos Bring Up So Many Questions

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Things that have happened since season 1 of Westworld: Donald Trump became president, Timothée Chalamet became famous, and Kylie Jenner conceived, carried, and birthed a child. That is to say, it's been a while. However, it appears the HBO show was just as busy. Now that we're finally getting close to the April 22 season 2 premiere, Westworld is dropping a whole slew of photos to get us warmed up, and there's a lot to unpack.
There are some things worth noticing right off the bat. First off, William (Jimmy Simpson) is nowhere to be found, seeing as we've left that timeline behind and are now fully in the world of his older self, the Man In Black (Ed Harris). However, we do get introduced to a couple of new human characters, played by Get Out's Betty Gabriel and the Skarsgard family's Gustaf Skarsgard. There's also an actor with my new favorite name, Fares Fares, who joins the cast as a tech expert named Antoine Costa.
As for what actually happens, Reddit has a few theories, but these photos don't do much to confirm or dispute any big ideas. It's still possible that, like one theory suggests, Maeve (Thandie Newton) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) assume the role of "humans" in a new, robot-led Westworld, before corruption ruins the world all over again. And while we don't see any pictures of new worlds, like Samurai World, it's still possible they could play a big role in the season ahead.
For the most part, though, these pictures bring more questions than answers. Why is Angela (Talulah Riley) in modern clothes? Who's destined for the receiving end of those bullets around Dolores' neck? Same goes for the gun Maeve's holding in the very last picture. Take a look at all the photos ahead, and speculate away.
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