These Are HQ's Most Savage Questions Yet

Illustration by Louisa Cannell
A standard game of the popular app HQ Trivia goes something like this: Questions one and two are almost embarrassingly easy, leading newbies to wonder why everyone doesn't walk away with a share of the prize money. Then, question three rolls around and almost half the field of players is wiped out at once. The host of the live gameshow app, Scott Rogowsky (a.k.a Quiz Daddy), has a name for this: It's a savage question.
For the first time ever, HQ agreed to share six of its most savage questions — the ones that eliminated the greatest number of players — with Refinery29. While the topics range from food to entertainment to finance, there are similarly "savage" characteristics. The questions all appeal to a player's common sense in some way: For about half, the answer is, in fact, the most obvious option given. For the other half, the correct answer is surprisingly not the one you're tricked into expecting.
Ahead, a breakdown of the questions that stumped hundreds of thousands of HQties and led to frantic Google searches for validation.

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