The Chip-Proof Nail Polish You'll Want To Wear All Spring

Some might say that the worst kind of betrayal is one from a partner: He cheated, she lied, they ghosted. For me, the greatest dagger to the heart is when a brand-new manicure chips within the first 24 hours. (But I'm also single... )
Call me melodramatic, but shelling out for a few coats of polish that inevitably crack or crease no less than one day later puts me in a state of minor emotional anguish. And unlike visible bra straps or frayed jeans, this is the kind of stylistic imperfection I just can't get on board with — no matter how on-trend chipped nails may be. Thankfully, there is one new polish I've fallen for that might get me over my fear of an imperfect manicure. Enter: JINsoon's Fab.
It's part of editorial manicurist Jin Soon Choi's latest collaboration with Korean artist Hyang-Sook Yun, Neo-Pop. The vibrant collection features four shades that sit somewhere between Easter egg pastels and an Andy Warhol exhibit, but Fab is the one that really speaks to me.
The multi-colored glitter polish looks cool whether you apply one coat or three, on top of your bare nails or a color, and it dries to a semi-matte finish that never reveals any chipping or smudges. I've gone weeks without stepping inside a salon, and the only thing you'd think of if you were to see my fingertips would be Pinterest-worthy confetti streamers. Sure, it's not technically the same as painting on a deep burgundy polish, but if it's dependability you're after, which I am — in matters of love and manicures — it just might be the one. And you have to admit: For the safe bet, it's pretty damn fun.
JINSoon Fab Nail Polish, $18, available March 2018 at Barney's New York.