The Stand-Out Star Of Logan Is Finally Getting Her Own Show

While Millie Bobby Brown may be the first young actress to come to mind when you think of badass female superheroes, there is another incredible actress who is almost too powerful for her own good: the unsurpassable Dafne Keen. Keen is so intense, so raw, and so impressive that she is now helming her own fantasy superhero series based on Philip Pullman's epic trilogy, His Darkest Materials, Deadline reports.
Keen will star as the lead character, Lyra, in a "big budget" series, which will start with an eight-episode run based on the first book in the trilogy, The Northern Lights, which was retitled The Golden Compass in the U.S. and made into 2007 a critical flop of a film starring Nicole Kidman. This time around, Lin-Manuel Miranda will also appear as a supporting character in the series as Lyra's ally, Lee Scoresby, and The King Speech's Tom Hooper is set to direct.
The teen is perfect for this role as ruthless child rebel. In 2017, she portrayed Laura in the Oscar-nominated dystopian superhero thriller, Logan, opposite of Hugh Jackman reprising his role as the X-Man superhero, Wolverine.
Keen quickly became the standout star for her voraciousness on the screen (she doesn't speak for most of the movie unless she's is venomously screaming at Logan/Wolverine in Spanish), and for establishing a new type of inspirational female superhero for every kid who (probably shouldn't have) watched the R-rated film.
Additionally, this show could not come at a better time, and joins the other female-led superhero projects like the record-breaking Wonder Woman, the praise-worthy A Wrinkle in Time, and the upcoming Captain Marvel.
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