KitchenAid Just Announced Its First-Ever Color Of The Year & It's Bright

For home decor nerds such as ourselves, every one of KitchenAid's new color releases feels like Christmas morning. Even if we're unable to drop $400 or more on a new mixer every time another color comes out (or ever), we just like admiring those glossy or matte finishes and imagining how the fresh colors might transform our kitchen counters. It seems that very specific design-related excitement is going to start happening on a more regular basis because yesterday, KitchenAid announced that it would begin releasing an annual "Color of the Year." The kitchenware company also revealed its inaugural Color of the Year, and it looks like it could convert any kitchens into a tropical oasis.
In it's official announcement, KitchenAid explained that this new Color of the Year program is a way to "extend the brand's legacy as an authority on color." Honestly, it doesn't matter to us why the new tradition started as long as it means more gorgeous colors to daydream about and maybe actually add to our own personal collections one day. Every year, a selection of countertop appliances will be available in the Color of the Year. This year, those appliances will come in a color called Bird of Paradise.
Bird of Paradise, is a vibrant coral color. The hue itself, combined with its glossy finish, reminds us of a nail polish shade we would pick out right before venturing off on an incredible beach vacation. It's fitting that the word paradise is in the color's name. Even more fitting is the fact that a blender will soon be available in the new hue. We'd definitely be inspired to make piña coladas and margaritas in a tropical-themed blender.
Take a look ahead to find out what other countertop appliances will come in Bird of Paradise and when each will be available. Then, get to daydreaming.

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