Veronica's Daddy Issues Will Cause A Rift Between Her & Betty

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That scandalous kiss between Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Archie (K.J. Apa) may not have been enough to break apart the ride-or-die friendship between Veronica (Camila Mendes) and her blonde BFF, but there is one guy that these two could fight about. According to a new interview with Mendes, Veronica's ultra-shady father Hiram (Mark Consuelos) could come between B and V in a big way.
The gang learned in Wednesday's episode "The Hills Have Eyes" that Hiram had bought Betty's family's newspaper, The Riverdale Register. That definitely didn't sit well with Ms. Cooper, who lashed out at her BFF for her loyalty to her dad. The fight was ultimately broken up by a gang of home invaders who held the group hostage in the "Lodge lodge," and, by the end of the episode, Archie, Jughead (Cole Sprouse), Betty and Veronica were enjoying milkshakes at Pop's, like no awful words were exchanged.
So, is that the end of the tension between B and V? Apparently not. According to Mendes' interview with Harper's BAZAAR, more trouble is brewing between the modernized versions of the iconic Archie Comics characters.
"[Hiram's business dealings have] a massive effect on her relationship with her friends because now they all know that her father's taking over the town... But Betty seems to be kind of on Veronica's side for the most part, until there's an episode where — I think I can tease — there's a little bit of a conflict between Betty and Veronica involving my parents and what they've done," Mendes told the outlet. "I think her friends are gonna feel betrayed by Veronica for what Veronica knows and how she's remained quiet throughout all of it."
So what is Hiram's plan for The Riverdale Register? Is it truly just a way to shut out the free press, as Jughead suggests, or could it be something even more sinister? Either way, it's clear that Betty won't settle for her closest friend betraying her pals in order to stay cozy with daddy.
As much as I hate when these girls fight, there is something kind of cool about this being the thing that causes a rift between Betty and Veronica. The original Archie Comics saw Betty and Veronica at war over Archie. The iconic, never-ending love triangle made it impossible for the women to truly befriend one another — they always saw the other as a rival. Riverdale has, thus far, avoided this tired "blonde vs. brunette" trope.
It's reassuring to know that Betty and Veronica may have stuff to work out at times, but that they have more interesting things going on than Archie Andrews. Still, let's hope this fight doesn't last too long — these girls are best as BFFs.

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