The Best Instagrams From The 2018 Academy Awards

Photo: Getty Images.
When the Academy Awards splash across your television, another sort of ceremony happens on your phone. (Or your computer, if you're a cylon.) Instagram harbors the Academy Awards, cinema verité-style. The glitz, glam, and hygiene provided by the Oscars producers are gone — the Instagram show is unedited, uncut, and way cooler than anything happening on screen. Consider it the director's cut of the Academy Awards. For example, on the carpet, you'll see Kelly Marie Tran looking glamorous in a blue halter gown. But on Instagram, you'll see Tran in the middle of an anxiety-induced cleaning spree. See what I mean? Social media has the full story, while the TV has the summary of the story. If someone flubs their speech, check social media. If someone seems, erm, loose, check social media. If you think you spotted a wardrobe disaster, look to the western sky, where Instagram awaits!
Ahead, the best pre-glam pics, in-the-car selfies, behind-the-scenes pics, and post-party party shots. The Academy Awards: Director's Cut awaits.
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