Courtney & Lily Didn't Belong On Bachelor Winter Games — Which Is Why We Love Them

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
I was rooting for Lily McManus on The Bachelor Winter Games since episode one — not necessarily for her to find love, just in general, because like this season of The Bachelor's Bekah M., McManus doesn't fit the typical mold of Bachelor contestant. She's young — just 21 to Bekah M.'s scandalous 22 — and she's totally herself, even if that means going against the grain of how people typically approach the show. There's no act, no larger goal, she's just there to have fun, and that's why she ended up with Courtney Dober.
At 31 years old (an age difference no one seemed to care about this time around), Dober easily has the makings of the next Bachelor. He's handsome and smart, but despite being on a TV show, he laid pretty low. He and McManus hit it off almost instantaneously, and for most of the show you could just see them in the background having a good time. No tears, no drama, no swelling music. Is this even a Bachelor couple?!
"We're quite fitted for each other in the way that we probably don't belong here," McManus said during last night's World Tell All. "But we found ourselves here, and we found each other here, and we didn't expect to find each other here."
"That's definitely the biggest thing that's surprised me was meeting someone like Lily in this situation," Dober added. "She's so raw and honest and open and drew me instantly to her."
Because they literally spent those weeks in Vermont getting to know each other and privately building their relationship, they're the couple I have the most hope for. I genuinely believe in their relationship, and these gushing Instagram posts don't hurt.
Will they be together forever? I don't know! And the fact that they didn't promise such a thing to each other is why I think they're the true winners. While The Bachelor loves to end each season with a bow on top, the true couples are the ones whose stories are just beginning. Season one of The Bachelor: Lily & Courtney starts now.
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