Here's How Bachelor Winter Games Ended Up

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
No one knew that The Bachelor Winter Games would be fun. The Bachelor is increasingly tepid, and with last summer's Bachelor In Paradise fiasco, the franchise was looking wobbly. But then came BWG, BIP's offbeat, wintry cousin. The winter sports part was weird, but the dating-on-TV stuff wasn't. The show actually produced a few believable couples — four believable couples, actually. It also shone a light on a secret villain and possibly gave us our next Bachelor. Oh, and, for some reason, Nancy Kerrigan was there. Listen, it's no Canadian ice-fucking, but the Bachelor Winter Games made surprisingly engaging television, even though it took over two of my weeknights these past two weeks. (Make that two hours of my weeknights. My kingdom for shorter Bachelor episodes, please.)
That being said, much of the action took place in the finale. One couple got engaged, two couples fell apart, and Chris Harrison gave his usual performance of "half-asleep host." For the sake of closure, let's run down how everyone fared in the very silly and surprisingly entertaining finale of The Bachelor Winter Games.
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