Bekah M. Is The Only Reason To Watch This Season Of The Bachelor

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If my love story for Bekah M. was made into a movie, we'd open on a pixie cut in a sea of lobs. That's essentially exactly how it began back when the contestants for Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season were announced in December. I was immediately drawn to the breath of fresh air she'd bring to the show, not to mention the fact that I'd actually remember which one she was from the get-go. When I found her Instagram, I was sold. She's not my top pick for Arie — she's 400 times better than him — but she's the only reason I'm excited to tune in week after week.
As a recent Bachelor viewer, Arie is not exciting to me. He's a callback to an era of The Bachelor I wasn't around for, and I'd rather watch something new. Enter: Bekah. She's a millennial, she's great at Instagram, and she doesn't take herself too seriously. Here she is hanging out with a goat statue:
Here she is being a nanny:
And here she is eating a snack while watching herself make out with Arie on the TV. Iconic!

i could be the whole package

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I had been singing the praises of Bekah for some time now, but last night was when the rest of the world got on board — and rightfully so! She put Arie in his place while they were chatting outside, and literally left him speechless.
"I guess my question would be, like, do you want to get married?" Arie asked."I mean that's a valid question. I know that you say you do, but I'm kind of guarding my heart a little bit with you."
"You know why?" she replied with the air of someone who's definitely had this conversation before. "Cause I'm unsafe...It's cause I think you know that I don't need you."
He chuckled, but she wasn't done putting him in his place.
"I'm serious. Based on what you said you've been attracted consistently to people who need you. Like, who need you more than you need them. And it's scary to be with someone who doesn't need you to complete them."
As if that wasn't good enough, she twisted the knife with her mom comment ("Maybe that's why you like moms, too") leaving him read for filth — and totally enamored.
And, like, yes! This is what I've signed up for! I want real conversations from women who aren't pretending the situation they're in right now isn't completely ridiculous. It's fun and it's fine, but this isn't their entire life.
While next week it looks like things get dicey — apparently we're all about to learn that she's just 22 years old — I'm not worried about her getting kicked off. I'm already carrying a torch for Bekah M. as the Bachelorette for season 14, and judging by her 74 thousand Instagram followers, I'm not the only one.

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