Every Single Lipstick In Fifty Shades Freed — Because Who Can Afford The Private Jet

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.
It's already been established that Anastasia Steele is a fan of Glossier lipstick, so we weren't surprised to discover that in the third and final installment of the soft-porn trilogy that Steele Mrs. Grey is still using the stuff. But if you were hoping to see her wearing Generation G's Jam (a rich berry) again in Fifty Shades Freed, we've got some news: It appears her taste in lipstick shades has become about as vanilla as the ice cream she smears all over her new husband's nipples.
According to makeup department head Evelyne Noraz, Steele's beauty M.O. is more "classic, modern, and French" this time around. So while her previous choice of Generation G's Jam was bold, brazen, and ballsy, it appears Steele is finally settling into her comfortable life as part-time submissive, part-time wife. And that means nudes, nudes, and rosy-nudes (something this film already didn't have enough of).
Noraz tells Refinery29 that in scenes when Steele first wakes up, she's wearing Generation G in Like because it's the well-lit Hollywood version of what your lips look like in the morning. "It's almost like wearing nothing," she says. "But it brings out the shade of your lips. It's my favorite 'no-makeup' look." And if you thought Steele might pull a fast one and go bold for her wedding day, save your excitement. In fact, Noraz stuck to rose tones for most of the film, favoring YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick Lipstick in #7 for the nuptials. #7 is discontinued, but if you want a shade dupe, we suggest #9 Nude in Private, which honestly seems like a better fit for this movie, anyway.

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