Ikea Launched A Surprising New Collab Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which we're sure you already knew because nearly every store in sight has long been decked out with wall-to-wall hearts, flowers, and other cutesy items. Ikea, however, is taking a different approach. This February, Ikea has launched a new limited edition collaboration with stylist, costume designer, and fashion activist Bea Åkerlund, and its pieces are infused with goth glam for all the anti-Valentine-rs out there.
The brand new Omedelbar collection includes a few elements we often associate with the holiday, like kissy lips and red roses, but with Åkerlund's influence, they get a much edgier twist. Akerlund's personal mantra "B who you are" is a reminder that it's okay to not play along with aesthetics that are marketed most visibly. She takes the parts she likes and infuses them with her personal goth meets old Hollywood glam style. The result is a collection of Ikea products that can be used year-round, despite their launch date. The fashion activist explained the inspiration for the collaboration in a press release, "'B. WHO YOU ARE’ is about embracing yourself, no matter what the world thinks of you. It's about individuality and creativity – two important cornerstones of Omedelbar."
Because Åkerlund is first and foremost someone who works in fashion, many of the items included in the Omedelbar collection seem to come straight out of a designer's fitting room. Karin Gustavsson, the creative leader for this limited edition collab, explained, "With a few pieces from the collection, you can create a designer wardrobe or dress up your room in a new way.” Some items are made to display outfits, while others are directly inspired by clothing pieces, like top hats, and old-school accessories, like pocket watches.
The Omedelbar collection launches February 14 in Ikea's U.S. locations and includes 34 pieces. Take a look ahead to see a few the items from Bea Åkerlund's Ikea collaboration, and see if they inspire you to do some redecorating.

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