This Collaboration Means You Can Soon Get Fine Art Photography For Ikea Prices

Photographed by Refinery29.
Ikea has previously collaborated with many world-class artists and designers to create inspiring collections that add intrigue to any home. Recently, however, the Swedish home goods retailer partnered not with just one artist, but instead with Hasselblad Cameras, a brand that makes tools that many great artists employ. Together, Ikea and Hasselblad are releasing — what else? — a photography collection called Norrhassel.
The forthcoming collab will consist of eight pieces by seven different artists. The photos were shot in spots all across the globe, including Prague, Iceland, New York City, and more, so throwing them up on a wall feels like it could give pretty much any space a totally new, adventurous feel.
If you've always been interested in incorporating photography into your home decor but have never been sure where to start (or felt intimidated by what are typically high prices), beginning with photos curated by a camera brand and a beloved home goods company seems like a good choice. The Norrhassel collection includes photographs that can fit into a wide range of aesthetics, and includes landscapes, cityscapes, black-and-white photos and colorful ones.
Norrhassel will become available at Ikea starting in August. In the meantime, peruse the collection ahead.

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