Lizzo Is Having The Music Industry Conversations No One Else Is

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In the male-dominated music scene, women’s perspectives often get tossed aside or lost in the shuffle. So it's the perfect time for Good As Hell, a brand new podcast focused on women in music that debuted today on Spotify as part of a collaboration with Refinery29. Hosted be indie rap star Lizzo, the interview series aims to create an open space for female artists in hip-hop to talk about their experiences coming up in the industry.
“It is a conversation that I wanted to have with women who have literally paved the way for not just hip-hop, but mainstream culture and feminism and never get to tell their stories, never get to have conversations, never get to really feel safe. A lot of these women were emerging when media was like a war field and things were used against them like their sexuality or the choices that they made or their own fucking bodies,” Lizzo told Refinery29.
Lizzo’s infectious energy gives the traditionally masculine podcast space a breath of fresh air. Jon Bulette, Refinery29’s head of video development who has worked on this project from the idea phase, said that they were instantly drawn to Lizzo.
“She’s enormously creative, enormously positive, enormously talented and she’s also very funny,” said Bulette.
In the first episode, Lizzo sits down with pioneer Lil Kim, who has three platinum albums and was the only female member of Biggie Smalls’ group Junior M.A.F.I.A. Together, they discuss everything from Janet Jackson to astrological signs and Kim enthusiastically proclaims every woman is a "queen.”
Lizzo’s unique honesty and humor make even the heaviest topics feel entertaining. Women are very rarely allowed to control the dialogue around their treatment in the music industry and in order to make a name for themselves, many times women have been silenced. Good As Hell allows for everyone from emerging artists to storied players to have a chance open up about their experiences. Future guests will include Kehlani, Trina, Junglepussy and more and will be available exclusively on Spotify.
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