Two Big Stars Are Joining House Of Cards To Salvage The Series

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
For its mysterious final season, House of Cards has added two prominent actors: Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Kinnear and Lane will play brother and sister on the show.
House of Cards has been in tumult ever since Buzzfeed published an account from actor Anthony Rapp, who alleged that Spacey sexually assaulted him in the '80s. Buzzfeed's report opened a floodgate of allegations against Spacey, some of which came from House of Cards employees. Production of the show's sixth season was suspended indefinitely in October 2017, and in November, Netflix terminated its relationship with Spacey.
This left the future of House of Cards, Netflix's first truly successful original series, in flux. In December, Netflix announced that it would resume filming, but without Spacey, and without his character Frank Underwood. (This wasn't necessarily the only option: Ridley Scott reshot all of Spacey's scenes for the movie All the Money in the World after the allegations surfaced.) THR reported at the time that the show would shift its focus to Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), Frank Underwood's erstwhile wife. On the show, Claire Underwood is the current president, so it seems natural to allow her to take center stage. Given the conversations surrounding equal pay, we also hope production shifts its monetary focus so that Wright receives the same pay that Spacey would have.
It is somewhat telling, though, the Netflix felt the need to replace Spacey with not one, but two actors. We don't know what will happen in season six, but we do know that Wright can carry a show all on her own. In an ideal world, Kinnear and Lane are guest stars only, and they do not rise to Frank Underwood status.
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