The Best Netflix Movie For Every Type Of Hopeless Romantic

All the great love stories in my life have something in common: They’re from movies. And I’m not talking clever romantic comedies — I’m talking sweeping, sentimental movies that get their drama from love affairs made impossible by circumstance. When I think of love, I think of Laszlo de Almasy dancing with Katharine Clifton in The English Patient, or Rose and Jack spreading their arms the prow of a doomed ship.
Who knows how my appetite of almost exclusively romantic movies has affected my conception of what relationships should be like. Chances are, my expectations have been warped. Julia Lippman, the lead author of a University of Michigan study from 2014 about the role of pop culture on relationships, said, “It is possible that frequent exposure to romance and courtship in this idealized form could lead viewers to adopt equally idealized notions about relationships in the real world.”
But now’s not the time to worry about the consequences of pop culture on our dating lives. Now is the time to watch Netflix movies, and indulge in a hopeless romantic's favorite hobby: living out sweeping love stories. We've picked out a different movie streaming on Netflix, perfect for each kind of romantic.
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