The Most Achingly Beautiful Stories Of First Love Ever Seen In Film

I have never spent entire summers in my family's villa in Northern Italy. I have never been a 17-year-old boy caught in the wrenching process of falling madly in love with an older American named Oliver. I have never done such lurid things to a peach.
And yet, while watching Elio and Oliver fall towards each other in Call Me By Your Name, I vividly remembered the unique mania of being 17 and in love. I remembered analyzing my crush's movements, hoping each glance was conveyed a message just for me. I remember, just barely, the physical ache. I remember actually feeling bad for adults, because their priorities were not the right ones. The unrelenting, unceasing, all-consuming of first attraction — that's what you'll see, and that's what you'll recall, while watching Call Me By Your Name.
This movie, out November 24, is an honest and authentic addition to the "Movies About First Love" genre. Here are some of the others.
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