Here's How Jack's Last Day Alive Affects Everyone On This Is Us

Warning: Serious spoilers ahead for This Is Us.
Well, This Is Us finally went and did it. The show built on the question “How did Jack Pearson die?” officially started answering that mystery with Tuesday night’s “That'll Be the Day.” The landmark episode revealed something as mundane as a malfunctioning Crock-Pot seemingly caused the fire that took the life of Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia).
Although we have yet to see a body — NBC promises post-Super Bowl episode “Across the Border” will give a resounding explanation as to why Jack died — it seems “Be The Day” followed the Pearson patriarch’s last day on Earth. As usual, it was filled with tear-jerking moments and intense familial tension. And, in true Us fashion, the episode’s smaller moments are still echoing through history and touching the lives of his loved ones in 2018.
To help you understand how the fraught flashbacks of “Day” are still playing out for the Pearsons in the present, we put together a helpful explainer. Keep reading to see how Jack spent his final hours with each family member, and what that means for them now.
Then, you should probably invest in a bulk tissue package before “Across The Border” airs.
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