"Glam-Shaming" Is Officially A Thing — Thanks To The Bachelor

The most recent episode of The Bachelor hit peak gloom this week. Arie admitted he's ready to settle down, Bekah M. finally revealed her age, and Krystal reached defeated "villain" status before the rose ceremony even had a chance to begin. But, the most entertaining drama happened after the credits rolled — and you just might have missed it.
After two women left without roses, the cameras panned to a confrontation between Chelsea and Marikh about a topic near and dear to Marikh's heart: glam-shaming. "Just like people slut shame and body shame people, you're, like, glam shaming me," Marikh said, visibly irritated after hearing that Chelsea told Arie that Marikh had used a compass as a mirror to fix her hair on the group hiking date. Naturally, Twitter lived for this revelation.
Chelsea, of course, explained that it was completely light hearted and meant as a joke, before getting defensive. "I saw with my own eyes you brushing your hair, I wouldn't makes something up," she said. In fact, Chelsea was a formal model, and that humble brag proves she's certainly pro-glam — doesn't it? "The reason I was brushing my hair was because it looked like sh*t," Marikh shot back before Chelsea admitted defeat. "Freaking millennials these days — I'm one of them too, I guess."
Truth be told, glam-shaming — though not the most pressing issue our society is dealing with right now — can happen. We just never had an all-encompassing name for it until now. (Thanks Marikh!) But in all honesty, this silly, shallow drama is what we tune into the Bachelor for every Monday — and it was a welcome escape from watching Arie eat on dates that are even too boring for him.

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