Tracee Ellis Ross, Once Again, Is All Of Us

A lot of factors make the SAG Awards particularly exciting, aside from the fact that it claims the title of being the only awards show by actors, for actors. One of the things we look forward to most about the show is the classic (often belly-laugh-inducing) opening sequence, which spotlights some of the hottest talent of the season, giving a glimpse into their early days and the path that led them to where they are today. Of course, Tracee Ellis Ross took the opportunity to be as relatable as ever.
"When I was a girl," she began, "I dreamt of growing up and being a courageous woman who could use my voice for important issues that affect all of us...and have a lot of shoes." Same, Tracee, same. "I am happy to report that both are true," she continued to the camera. "I utilize my agency and my voice for equity and justice in our industry and beyond, and I have a lot of shoes. I have a lot of shoes. I am Tracee Ellis Ross, and I am an actor."
Not only are both aspects of the statement true — she's a loud supporter movements like #TimesUp and #MeToo (and beyond) — but we can totally relate to them both. A lot of topics were touched on in yesterday's Women's Marches across the nation, but if there's one thing that's becoming clear about women in 2018, it's that we can care about important issues and love shoes simultaneously. And, that's a large part of our mission here at Refinery29 — to deliver you, our fellow women, the latest and greatest on everything from politics to fashion. Because if you ask us (and apparently if you ask Tracee), there's room for both feminism and footwear; women don't have to pick clothes over activism, or vice versa. There's nothing wrong with simply wanting — and having — it all.
In honor of this statement, we've got to give it to her: Ross has worn some pretty epic shoes. From Birkenstocks to pointy-toe pumps, she doesn't discriminate. Here's to having — and deserving — a lot of really, really good shoes.

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