These Young Protesters Were The Real Stars At The Women's March

Photo: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images.
It may take some time before we get an accurate headcount for the 2018 Women's March protests — last year's events drew an estimated 3-5 million people in the United States alone — but we can confirm that a not-insignificant chunk of that total were feisty, tenacious, and definitely not old enough to vote (yet).
As the following photos show, plenty of kids were more than happy to stick up for equality, get some education, speak out for immigrants and LGBTQ rights, lob some playground insults at POTUS, wave signs with inspirational slogans, and remind everyone to "fight like a girl." Also, Harry Potter totally would have died in book one if it hadn't been for Hermione. Case closed.
It may be easy for some to dismiss this pint-sized activism as a cute photo opp, but it's undeniable that these children do have a huge stake in the future — and the present. Last time we checked, the government just shut down because our leaders couldn't agree over the fate of CHIP and, with it, healthcare coverage for millions of kids. As far as we're concerned, they can protest all they want; protests might be the new playdates.
So, let's celebrate these mini members of the resistance and their commitment to pounding the pavement — with or without a stroller — in the name of compassion, equality, and good ol' fashioned girl power. We love their spirit; we love their signs.
Scroll through to see some of these daring demonstrators and their messages of empowerment. May their civic pride be rewarded with a later bedtime — and a brighter future.
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