5 Easy Styling Updates For Spring (Zero Effort Required)

Photo by Timur Emek/Getty Images.
The new year is a peculiar time in fashion. Straddling the transitional season, our seemingly never-ending wish lists are gearing up for spring while we're still shopping winter pieces — and will be for at least the next two months. The 'new start' frame of mind pushes us to want to reinvent — or at least adjust — our wardrobes, yet we're seduced by the call of comfort and coziness. And when it's snowing outside and we've got to commute to work, who can blame us?
In the spirit of switching things up without really having to switch anything up at all — because that whole New Year thing also tends to come with a new (read: let's save money) budget — we've compiled five simple style swaps that require no commitment and very little effort. From the sunglass shape of the season to pieces decorated with a little bit of fringe, click through for five ways to add a little bit of oomph to your everyday look.

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