What's Going On With Selena Gomez & Her Mom?

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A comment on social media sent Selena Gomez stans into a tailspin, and her mother, Mandy Teefey, has taken to Facebook to set the record straight with a post so intense even Greta Gerwig wouldn't dream it up. Quick note to my mom: if this ever happens to me, please don't do this!
After a fan commented on Instagram asking Gomez to apologize for acting in a Woody Allen movie, Teefey responded saying "no one can make Selena do anything she doesn't want to do." People were quick to wonder if there was a rift between the mother-daughter duo, whose relationship has made headlines before. In a long post on Facebook, Teefey expressed frustration with this reaction, and a whole bunch of other things that are admittedly a little hard to muddle through. Just in case you aren't up to date and wondering what exactly is going on between Gomez and her mother, we're breaking it down for you here:
First thing's first, Teefy commented from what appears to be her personal Facebook on the page for Kicked To The Curb Productions, the production company behind 13 Reasons Why, of which Teefey is executive producer and president. The post begins:
"Kardashians are not a stupid and exploitive family. They are very smart and hardworking business people. Why? Because the media and other people would be destroying their family irregardless and would leave them separated, paranoid and in a constant battle. Therefore, they stick together as a family and control it themselves so they keep what’s important, family."
In this first paragraph, Teefey seems to be comparing her relationship with Selena with that of the Kardashians — meaning family sticks together.
"Diana, a 19yr old school teacher thrushed into a Royal family, forced to mind her p’s and q’s all while she was in a family that could crush her livelihood for a misstep, yet her husband, in love with another woman and wore cuff links from her on his wedding day with Diana. When Diana became a mother, her kids were paramount and a woman gains a strength to protect their children at the cost of their own well being."
This is in reference to Princess Diana, another mother in the spotlight who, after divorcing Prince Charles in 1996, was killed as a result of injuries from a car crash.
"I have done 1 official interview in Selena’s entire career about Selena for E! With her consent."
My best guess is that she's actually referring to this March 2017 interview with Entertainment Tonight about why Gomez had taken a break from the spotlight in 2016, and a little bit about 13 Reasons Why.
"I did not do a interview with Gossip Cop, but I do confirm or deny certain stories."
On Saturday, Gossip Cop spoke to Teefey to debunk recent stories out about her in the press, saying she does "not control [Selena] the way it has been portrayed," adding "Selena is an adult and can make her own choices."
"I was drug through the mud for the entire month of December in the media and did not say a word."
December rumors included reports that she had to go to the hospital after hearing news of Justin Bieber and Gomez's reunion, and that Gomez and her mother were not on speaking terms during the days before Christmas.
"I was asked about the breath test and I shared more than not true in my debunk because I am tired of being accused of things that were not true and the lies coming from the people around Selena being put in the press and in her head."
An InTouch report claimed Teefey would only accept Gomez and Bieber's rekindled romance if Gomez could prove she was living a healthy lifestyle by way of "random Breathalyzer tests." Gossip Cop previously debunked this rumor.
"I did nothing wrong by defending myself finally and I answered the Woody Allen question because they were attacking her team and telling me to make her apologize."
This is the now-deleted comment:
"I was going down the wrong road as a child and Selena saved my life. I had to become an adult over night at 15."
Teefey gave birth to Gomez when she was still a teenager, and told Entertainment Tonight that she was bullied as a teen mom.
"My journey is being documented from birth for a docuseries. Good and Bad, but it is for the argument on Nature vs Nuture because I was adopted. 100 percent of merch is going to at risk children organizations. That’s when you will see the real me."
I literally cannot find a single piece of information on this docuseries. However, InTouch reports that Gomez is making a documentary about her battle with Lupus, which resulted in the kidney transplant she underwent this past summer.
"My daughter is loving, trusting, naive, funny, hard working, sensitive, emotional and will be a great mother. But, I will never not speak my mind if I feel something is off until I die. I will always be her mother. If she hasn’t muttered anger about me than I have not done my job as a mother."
Basically, attempts to turn their relationship into drama have been fueled by anonymous sources on gossip sites and intense feedback on social media. But all those efforts are futile because both women are adults who exist independently of each other. In the end, they just want what's best...even if they don't agree on exactly what that is.
Call your mom, everybody.

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