5 Beauty Brands That Make Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Easy

When considering your skin and haircare routines, it may be what's inside a product that counts, but in 2018, the packaging is also worthy of your attention. As consumers and beauty fanatics, it's both impossible and irresponsible to ignore the industry's carbon footprint. While it's fantastic progress that microbeads were banned last year, and that we're buying more natural formulas than ever, it's also important to address the container.
Accounting for just over 40% of total plastic usage, but with only 14% of it being recycled, packaging has a huge impact on the environment. The solution? Along with reducing your water waste with shorter showers, cutting open bottles to make the most of the product inside, and buying dual-use products that work harder, you can buy from brands that are committed to placing sustainability front and center.
From no-waste bottles to recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes, we've found the companies doing just that. Click through to shop the beauty brands we're lining our bathroom shelves with in a bid to help the planet.

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