Could This Really Be Katy Perry In Taylor Swift's New Music Video?

Photo: Amy Harris/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock.
This may ruin Ryan Murphy's plan to make Feud: Katy and Taylor in say, 2025, but there's a little bit of evidence on top of hearsay and speculation that the animosity between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift is over. Rumor has it that they're declaring peace in the most appropriate way possible: By having Perry dance backup for Swift's new video for "End Game."
E! Online is reporting that a "source" confirms the two pop stars made up in Miami, where Swift was shooting the video with Future. TMZ posted footage of this night shoot on Wednesday. It's pretty impossible to see any details of the backup dancers, but there is one sporting Perry's current super-short pixie cut, so maybe that's her?
Given that the feud between Perry and Swift all supposedly began over backup dancers who left Swift's tour to join Perry's (Really? There are lots of talented dancers out there looking for work!), this would be a pretty witty end to one of the silliest battles in the history of pop music.
What is certain is that Perry is also in Miami. She said so herself on Instagram Wednesday, in the same post announcing her own new music video for, "Hey Hey Hey."
If you want to take a cynical view, this could all mean the opposite. Earlier this year, Swift re-released her whole catalog on streaming services on the very same night Perry's Witness dropped. Now Perry premiered a video on the same day that Swift is shooting one? Nevermind, thinking of this kind of calculated move puts a really bad taste in our mouths. Let's go back to thinking they've buried the hatchet.
On a total side note, TMZ's coverage of the video footage is a nauseating focus on Swift's boobs. Even The Cut got in on the action, discussing how bouncy they appear. Just in case you think we've gotten anywhere, ladies.

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