This Video Of John Boyega Touching Exotic Animals Is Taking Over The Internet

Photo: Matt Crossick/PA Images/Getty Images.
If you've already got your Star Wars: The Last Jedi tickets in your bag and ready to go at the end of the day, or you have plans to see John Boyega as Finn on the big screen in the next few weeks, here's something just absolutely delightful to tide you over.
This hilarious (and disturbing) video shows Boyega and fellow Jedi castmate Gwendoline Christie (she's also on a little show called Game of Thrones) challenging each other over Vanity Fair's Fear Box. This is basically the game "what's in the box," wherein a person places one's hand in a box and tries to guess the contents. Only this game isn't very fun, as the content is newts and snakes. What is fun? The priceless reactions of the two actors.
Boyega steps up first, and we can see two bearded dragons just hanging out in a box. He can't see them though, and Christie coaches him to touch one gently. He does. Then he screams. A lot. This happens some more, and then he finally looks at what's in the box and he screams, "It's a newt! A newt!"
Christie tries her hand in the box next – it's a snake, she has to touch a snake – and she slips her hand in to touch the small creature. She screams. Christie convinces herself it's an intestine, touches it again, screams more and then runs off the stage when she realizes it's a snake. Boyega can't stop laughing at her.
Next up, the frightened duo reach in to touch more innocuous things, but they're so spooked they think it can't possibly be anything safe or normal like moon dust (it's moon dust).
Naturally the clip is making the rounds, and people are weighing in on Twitter with their thoughts.
Some people really connected with the clip. Really.
Others just want to be friends.
And one had an idea that is impossible not to fully endorse.
Watch the full clip below, if you're not freaked out by newts.

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