Do You Need To Download Taylor Swift’s App?

It's about time Taylor Swift joined the rest of her fellow celebs and came out with an app, but if you're picturing a Nashville version of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, think again. This Taylor Swift app (Taylor Swift: The Swift Life) is for super fans only — so much so that if you, like me, thought you were a super fan, then you might be in for a rude awakening.
The purpose of the app is less about getting to know Swift and more about getting to know the community. As soon as I created an account (follow me @kathrynfiona), I realized I was in way over my head. It acts like a social media specifically for Swifties, like if you muted everyone on your Facebook feed except for those who were counting down the days until reputation came out. There are selfies and statuses all centered around Swift, and if you don't have picture proof that your love for Swift is the strongest, then you should probably find some soon.
However, this isn't to say it's not worth it. Plenty of people have plenty of things to post about the pop princess, and the perks of posting are definitely enticing for the fan who can't get enough. Posting, liking, and interacting with other fans' content earns you points that contribute towards your level as a Swift fan (I'm still a "rookie"), which unlocks stickers and Taylor Emojis that you can then use when you chat with other fans on the platform.
Plus, it might just be the most positive place on the internet. One user wrote "I feel like I should post something about myself, but all I want to do is reshare your selfies and help you make friends #struggles." Speaking of selfies, most of the posts are people introducing themselves to each other via photos and fun facts about not just their love for Swift, but what they're doing in school and what they like to do in their spare time (other than listen to reputation, of course). In a world where Swift is pretty divisive, this is a safe space for fans to run free.
So — should you download the Taylor Swift app? If you feel the need to ask, then maybe think again. Plus, the people who love her are already there. I'm still hoping I make friends anyway:

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