The 2017 Celebrity Glow-Ups We Didn't Know We Needed

Photo: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images.
You know how it goes with New Year's resolutions. They are fun to think about and write down, but getting them done over the next 365 days is another story. I’ve found that it’s more useful to spend New Year's reflecting on the previous year, figuring out what I can build on for the coming year and what I deserve to celebrate. Sometimes you might find that you’re just happy to have survived the year. And in other cases, the last 12 months may have seen a complete glow-up.
The same can be true for celebrities. Even though the bar on success is already set higher for the upper echelon, they too can make noticeable changes for the better that are worth acknowledging. 2017 was no exception. This year, we saw some of our favorite names in entertainment switch it up in the best way possible, with people of color leading the charge. We didn’t even know we how badly we needed this inspiration, but boy am I damn glad we got it anyway.
So click through our slideshow to get into the glow-ups we didn’t know we needed.

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