10 Impactful Tweets That Illustrate The Importance Of Human Rights Day

December 10th is Human Rights Day, and many organizations are taking to social media to share how important it is. This year's Human Rights Day is especially of note, as it kicks off a year-long campaign to mark the upcoming 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Started in 1948, the United Nations released the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which explicitly states the rights that all human beings are born with, "regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, language, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status." The document itself is the most translated document in the world, available in over 500 languages. Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt played a key role in the creation of Human Rights Day, as she chaired the committee that wrote the declaration.
Among the organizations using their platforms to share the importance of this day, and turning to Twitter to share their thoughts and tips on incorporating the message behind Human Rights Day beyond December 10th, are the United Nations, Amnesty International, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and more. The issues they're talking about include reproductive justice, freedom from slavery and oppression , immigration, access to clean water and equality for communities of color (like what's still happening in Flint, MI and Standing Rock, AR), affordable access to health care, access to education, and freedom from persecution or exclusion due to gender, race, ability, or sexual orientation.
Here's what they have to say:
With everything going on in the world, the importance of human rights cannot be overstated. If you would like to take action today, signing the UN's pledge to stand up for human rights is a good way to merge action with intention.
Despite the problems of inequality plaguing the modern world, the good news is that we have a chance everyday to make a difference by raising awareness and committing to action.

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