A Year After Election Day, The Fight For Reproductive Rights Hasn't Let Up

Photographed by Ashley Armitage.
A year on from the 2016 election, many of us are reflecting on what we've been through, and how we've changed. Apart from painfully real memes, though, some people are also sharing why they've stayed vigilant in fighting for reproductive rights — something that Donald Trump's win called into question.
As we approach the anniversary of election day, doctors and advocates are using the hashtag #ImStillFighting on Twitter to discuss why it's important not to let up the fight to protect reproductive rights.
"Women's health is crucial to the wellbeing of society and #ImStillFighting for fairness," one person wrote.
"#ImStillFighting bc everyone deserves access to a birth control pill that is low cost and covered by insurance without an Rx," another tweeted.
"#imstillfighting because my patients shouldn't have to ask permission from their bosses to use birth control," someone else wrote.
When Trump won the presidential election last year, many onlookers who were worried about reproductive rights and abortion access began to encourage women to get IUDs placed in the event that women's reproductive rights would begin to be rolled back under his administration. Since an IUD can last up to 5 years, the thought process was that getting one could take care of birth control for the four years Trump is in office.
Unfortunately, their predictions turned out to be right — since coming into office, Trump and his administration have taken several steps that have attacked women's health, limiting both abortion access and birth control access.
The #ImStillFighting campaign was started by Physicians for Reproductive Health, a doctor-led advocacy organization that works to amplify doctors' voices and medical evidence to bring scientific expertise to the public. As part of their Voices of Courage project, PRH is encouraging people to share how they're continuing to fight for women's health.
To join in the campaign, you can tweet your story with #ImStillFighting.
Continue with our story to read about what's inspiring people to continue their work to protect reproductive rights.

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