This Election-Day Meme Speaks To Us On A Deep Level

Photo: Getty Images.
There's nothing actually funny about the way millions of Americans reacted to the presidential-election results on the morning of November 9, 2016. After an optimistic morning at the polls, we were gutted by the time it became clear who the winner was.
It's been a thoroughly joyless year. But some of us have been getting through it...with memes. And today, as people went to the polls once again, one meme resurfaced on Twitter over and over again: "me on Election Day 2016 vs. me on Election Day 2017."
On the left is chipper, energetic you — perhaps blasting Katy Perry's Roar as you get ready in the morning (just us?), excited because you can't wait to elect the first female president. Greeting your neighbors with a smile as you pick up a free coffee from the poll volunteers. Marking that ballot with all the zeal of Tracy Flick voting for herself.
On the right is you after the cabinet confirmations, after the "pee tape," after the North Korea tweets, after Trump went after Jemele Hill, after Harvey Weinstein and everyone else. That you is pissed off. That you is not playing around. That you is ready to win.
...we'll always have memes?!

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