Khloé Kardashian Is Now Literally Hiding Her Stomach With Her Hands

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage.
Khloé, we see you and, and we would like you to know that your alleged baby with boyfriend Tristan Thompson bring us just as much joy as it undoubtedly brings you and your fam. We can't wait for you to announce the bébé so we can shower you with all the love and congratulations.
However, we also understand that your rumored pregnancy is your business. You are free to tell us (or not tell us!) on your own terms, because you are an adult and can define your personal life however you choose.
That said, come on. You and sis Kourtney played around with Snapchat's silly animal face filters, looking very adorable and festive in the snow. Yes, it is cute. But we totally noticed your hands are placed so strategically, folded just so across your stomach, conveniently hiding a human that may be incubating.
And you did it in not one, but three separate videos. There's the video with you and Kourtney spouting off expletives that we're not sure we can quote here. We also noticed that as soon as the camera panned towards your direction in the second video, you put your other hand up over your stomach immediately. Then you started making selfie faces to draw our attention back to your stunning makeup. We see it, and we see you.
Considering how bold and fearless you are, we know it's just a matter of time before you tell us all about the new bundle of joy you're reportedly expecting. You don't have to hide your pregnancy, but we understand why you are doing it. No matter how long your announcement takes, just know that we'll be there cheering on you and your new family.
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