This Is How We'd Each Style Leggings From Zara

If you shop at Zara regularly, you know its new arrivals section is updated more often than you can even comprehend. Even we, as fashion editors, can hardly keep up with its quick turnover when it comes to trends and editorials — which means, every time we do visit its site, there's yet another must-have threatening our wallets.
But no matter how often different styles are being rotated in and out — and no matter what time of year it might be — if one thing stays consistent in Zara's product offering, it's leggings. And admittedly, the retailer does stretch pants pretty well. With high-waisted, printed, and even embellished versions the world is calling "treggings" (that's trouser leggings, of course), there's an option out there for everyone.
Since we're totally aware of just how divisive leggings can be, we racked our brains to come up with nine ways this year-round wardrobe staple can be styled — and not just for your usual errand-running outfits. Nope. Here's how Refinery29's fashion editors incorporate leggings into their wardrobes.