'Tis The Season To Smell Like Booze — In A Good Way

Before bourbon, my drink order came with the one-track mind of a 75-year-old man who's lived in the same small town since birth and starts sentences with, "When I was your age..." Translation? I wouldn't try a damn thing unless it was red, full-bodied, and Californian. Only until recently when I was introduced to the libation did I see the (rose-colored) light.
Now, I know there are plenty of occasions in which bourbon's dark, warm, sensual vibe is exactly what I need: when cuffing season isn't going so hot, after a long day at work, to make holiday dinners more bearable, or any time you want to impress your misogynistic uncle who thinks whiskey is just for dudes. But if you want to save the hangover, the alternative also comes in beauty product from.
Ahead, the boozy fragrances, candles, shampoo, and more that you'll be lining up to buy — provided you can get past the doorman, that is.

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