The TSA Actually Has Some Good News For Your Holiday Travels

With the holiday season officially in motion, we’re giving more than just a little thought to our trips home for the holiday. We saw those pictures of Kourtney Kardashian in the airport in an outfit that looked like Gucci but was actually H&M and thought to ourselves goals. Now, thanks to TSA, it just got a little easier to serve a look in the airport.
Who What Wear found an old blog post on TSA’s website confirming that it really isn’t necessary to take off all of your jewelry when you go through security. We’ve all been there before, you pile on all your signature necklaces and bracelets, only to be that annoying person who has to stand on side of the security line taking things off, and even then, sometimes you still have to get a pat-down.
According to the post, you do not have to take off your jewelry unless the pieces are big (think statement necklaces, rings, or earrings). In fact, as a TSA agent told the website, “If you are wearing bulky jewelry or if it has a significant amount of metal in it, it is best to remove it, and place it inside one of your carry-on bags so as to reduce the likelihood that it will be left in the bin accidentally or that it will fall out of the bin. Most jewelry does not need to be removed, such as rings, necklaces, or wristwatches, unless they are what could be defined as being oversize. If the TSA officer asks that the item be removed, again, it is best to place it inside your carry-on bag.” That way, if you put it inside your bag, you don’t have to worry about losing your items to the conveyor belt.
So here’s your new course of action for traveling: wear your subtle jewelry that will make it through airport security without setting off an alarm and stash your statement pieces in your carryon. That way, maybe, your next great Instagram can be taken at baggage claim.

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