The Room's Tommy Wiseau Is Wanted By The Guardians Of The Galaxy (Yes, Really)

Has the mystery of The Room's Tommy Wiseau finally been solved?
The writer, director, and star of "the greatest bad movie ever made," The Room, is quite the character. For one thing, he's completely cloaked in mystery. Wiseau, to this day, refuses to disclose his place of birth (he claims he is from New Orleans, despite his Eastern European accent), his real age, or how he made the enormous fortune that allowed him to spend a rumored six million dollars on the making of his cringeworthy masterpiece.
Wiseau's adventure in bad filmmaking is the subject of James Franco's new film The Disaster Artist. However, where the movie fails to answer questions about the actor's origins, Marvel Comics is here to pick up the slack.
Did you know that Wiseau is really a Marvel villain wanted by the Guardians of the Galaxy?
Yep, it's true. In the comic book "Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1. #12," a 2016 holiday special, Deadpool (portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe), gifts Captain Marvel (to be portrayed by Brie Larson) a copy of The Room.
Really, what Captain Marvel wanted was a DVD of just Room, which Brie Larson just so happened to win an Oscar for. (We see you, Marvel.)
"You know this guy is an alien, right?" Captain Marvel exclaims upon receiving the present. "He's a wanted criminal. The Guardians have been looking for him for years."
Given that Wiseau is a part of the Marvel canon, it's worth wondering if he's at all related to Loki. Portrayed by Tom Hiddleston in the MCU, fans couldn't help but compare Loki's look to that of Wiseau's. Naturally, they did so with memes.
Fingers crossed Wiseau at least makes a cameo in the new Avengers movie.

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