Why Everyone Is Going Crazy For James Franco's New Movie

When, about two years ago, a friend and I found out that The Disaster Artist was being turned into a movie, we literally screamed with delight. The Disaster Artist is a 2013 book written about the making of The Room, a movie so bad it has become legendary. We had seen The Room three times in theaters at that point. For us, this announcement felt like nothing short of a gift from the cinema gods, a reward for devoted fandom behavior.
If you aren't already a member of The Room's fan club, you may be baffled by our reaction. I promise that I can get you as excited as I am about The Disaster Artist — all it will take is a bit of history surrounding one of the weirdest, most wonderful cinematic phenomenon of all time. It features a billboard advertisement hanging over an L.A highway for six years, a black-haired man of mysterious origins named Tommy Wiseau, and a desire for creative freedom that knew no bounds.
The Disaster Artist, out December 1, is already bathed in praise. James Franco and his weird accent may well get an Oscar nom. In order to enjoy the movie as much as I did, read this first. In Wiseau's own words: "See The Room, change your life.”
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