Orlando Bloom Is Trolling Emma Stone

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Over 15 years ago, Orlando Bloom starred as Legolas in the very first Lord of the Rings film. With the character's long blond hair and impressive arrow shooting abilities, Bloom became responsible for integrating elves into the sexual fantasy of many budding young nerds, including myself. Though it has been close to two decades since that geeky sexual awakening, Bloom in that flowing wig, with his sensual pointy ears is pretty unforgettable, and we're always up for a callback to the pivotal role. So, of course, we're here for Bloom's recent hilarious photo collage comparing his Legolas look to Emma Stone's in the upcoming Netflix series Maniac.
Yesterday, Bloom posted a collage of four photos to Instagram to jokingly troll Stone for stealing his look. Two of the photos in the collage feature Stone in full costume for Maniac, in which she plays an elf. The other two pictures show Bloom as Legolas. Accompanying the collage, the Lord of the Rings actor wrote, "elf stole my look!! when your blonde locks get a revamp... and improved upon #emmastone, a true elven sista #lordoftherings."

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Maniac, which is set to be released on Netflix next year, is a dark comedy adapted from a 2014 Norwegian show about a man who lives out a fantasy life in his dreams while confined to a mental institution. According to IMDb, Maniac is still in pre-production, but on-set images have been released of Stone and her co-star Jonah Hill, who is rocking his own weird look for his role.
The actor's side-by-side comparison drives home his point that Stone's costume really does make her look like a female version of Legolas and we're glad Bloom is welcoming the similarity and isn't actually mad. Especially because the idea of a whole new generation of tweens having a gorgeous blond elf to fantasize about, thanks to the 2018 series, is very exciting.

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