Joe Keery Is Haunting David Harbour

David Harbour recently discovered the joys of Instagram, and he's using it mainly to prove he's obsessed with Joe Keery. In a recent post, Harbour shared a collage of photos. The main photo is of Keery looking characteristically disheveled — the rest are of various sex symbols. There's a pic of Rob Lowe. There's a pic of Keanu Reeves. There's yet another photo of a young George Clooney. Harbour's point is that where 'ere he looks, Keery's countenance materializes.
Writes Harbour in the caption, "You know that feeling when you’re crushing out on someone and you keep seeing their face everywhere you turn..."
(A side note: Is crushing out acceptable verbiage?)
No questions here: This particular co-star friendship is thriving, despite the fact that the two feuded over a Pomeranian on set. This is a 360-degree love affair: Harbour loves Joe Keery; he also loves Steve Harrington, Keery's character on Stranger Things.
"There’s a certain aspect of Steve Harrington that I love so much; he’s so damn eager to help out and there’s even a little moment where we’re at the thing and he says 'the Germans' and Dustin’s like, 'the Nazis?' and he’s like, 'oh yeah, the Nazis, yeah.' Like, I think Steve is kinda dumb?" Harbour told Mashable, slighting negging Harrington. (Listen, we've all done it.) "I love the fact that he’s so great but kinda dumb, and I would love to play scenes with him where Hopper is just completely ripping him apart and then he walks away and Steve just calls him a dipshit under his breath or something."
Here's hoping that season 2 features an involved Hopper-Harrington storyline. After all, we know that Harrington might not go to college next season. Maybe he'll intern for Chief Jim Hopper!
"He's really kind of in this limbo, and he could go a ton of different ways," Keery told Esquire about his character. Hey, maybe he'll be recast with actor Keanu Reeves. It's not like they don't look alike, as Harbour pointed out.
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