This Is Exactly How Many People Died In Godless

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Spoiler Alert: The following post contains spoilers about the plot of the Netflix show Godless.
Godless is a proper shoot-em-up western, which means there's a fair amount of shooting. Frank Griffin (Jeff Daniels) is terrorizing the midwest after his pseudo-son Roy Goode (Jack O'Connell) deserts him. The show begins in Creed, Colorado, a town that's been torn to shreds by Frank and his men. Point is, a lot of people kick the bucket on this show. Most of them are victims of Frank's. The bodies pile up at the bottom of the screen as you watch — by the time you're at the finale, you feel downright exhausted at all the death and destruction you've seen. (That must be what it's like to live in the wild west, right?)
Some of the deaths feel important to the plot. The death of Marshall John Cook (Sam Waterston) feels important because it allows Sheriff Bill McNue (Scoot McNairy) to take the reins on the search for Frank Griffin. The death of Whitey Winn (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), in contrast, feels unnecessary. Yes, he's the most confident man in town, which means his hubris should have consequences, but did it have to be Whitey?
We are not here to discuss the merits of deaths, however. We are here merely to count the bodies that lay on the floor when the dust of the final battle settles. Ahead, the full body count of everyone who died in Godless, episode by episode.
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